Brain Fog

This patient is in her early sixties and is a nurse.  She thought she had typical symptoms of low thyroid, including trouble with clear thinking, sometimes referred to as “brain fog,” and also noticed that her eyebrows were thinning out towards the outside, which is a known low thyroid sign.  She also had high cholesterol, which is also associated with low thyroid.  Not being able to get help with these problems, she came to see me since a friend of hers I had seen had been helped with low thyroid.


Her initial exam did indicate a weakened thyroid and also showed stress to her pituitary gland, which controls the thyroid, ovary, and adrenal glands. The adrenal glands also tested as being stressed.  Other areas we found were sinuses, tonsil, and hip joints.


Stressors found that were affecting the pituitary were bacteria, mercury, and scars from a previous caesarian section and a tonsillectomy.  We started nutritional supplements to help her body’s immune system to correct these stressors and we put her on a simple scar treatment program to rejuvenate the nerves in the skin being interfered with by the scars.


This was about six months ago.  She started having gradual, progressive improvement with her sinuses, blood sugar levels, brain fog, eyebrow hair growth, and ability to lose weight.  Her program has included digestive enzymes to help with food allergy problems, which we usually find in people, even when they don’t suspect that they have a food allergy.


We recheck on a regular basis to figure out what nutritional supplements and how much are needed.  Healing is a gradual process that comes from rebuilding the body with the correct nutrients that are missing, and removing stressors to the body.  We expect to get these kind of improvements routinely, which is really pretty amazing!  I am grateful to have found the technology to be able to do this and glad to see any patient with any kind of problem.


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