Solving The Hypertension Mystery

I like relating these successes we are having with high blood pressure patients because it seems like half the population is on blood pressure meds. By using nutritional methods for improving health we are able to get people off of their meds. After so many years (over 30) of seeing patients dependent on BP meds, I think this is really neat!

This patient in her 70’s, was not on BP meds, but went to a screening at work and was found to have a blood pressure of 180/100. She felt fine, but promised she would see a doctor. In our office she had additional readings of 204/106 and 190/115.

Nutritional exam by testing arm muscle strength showed the two most common problems we see: grain allergy and healing interference from old, healed, surgical scars.

The way you handle grain allergies is by not eating grains. Usually people will be happy to decrease their grain intake and they rapidly get used to this and are happy with their diets. Being specific about what foods are a problem makes it easier to improve the diet.

Treatment of scars that are interfering with the healing process in the body is not difficult or expensive.

By handling these two problems and using some nutritional supplements, the blood pressure readings are responding very well. On her last check-up, her BP was 130/80. Now she won’t have to rely on taking blood pressure medicines and suffering from side effects.

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