Buyer Beware

By Vance Ewing


So you want to buy a gun.  What a great idea from my perspective.  But what do you need to know about buying a gun?  Make, model, manufacturer warranty, caliber, fit, what you are using it for and the all-important accessories are all factors to be considered.  Most guys will walk into a gun store in search of the perfect feeling gun, they put it in their hand, feel the grip and balance, look through the sights, maybe even dry fire it to feel the trigger.  And then BAM, slap a couple hundred dollars on the table, do the background check and off they go.  But do they really know what they just bought?  Without firing the weapon, how can you “know” if you like the trigger and can control the recoil and practice good follow through?  My advice is to find a place where you can test fire the gun before you buy it so that you truly understand the gun that you are purchasing.   Now that you have the gun, what do you do with it to keep it out of the hands of kids or unauthorized people (you know, the bad guys)?  Two of the most important gun accessories out there are the gun case and the gun safe.  Responsible gun ownership is making sure you keep 100% control of your guns 100% of the time.  That means the gun is either on your person or in a safe.  If we all had 100% control of our guns, we would never hear about a five-year-old picking up a gun and “accidentally” shooting a two-year-old.  Put your gun in a case to keep it protected from the natural bumps, nicks, and scratches, and put your case in a safe to protect your kids!  Remember, always keep your gun unloaded until you’re ready to use it!  If it’s in the safe, you’re not using it.

Vance Ewing spent 22 years in the US Army and eight years as a NATO Counter-IED and Anti-Terrorism Instructor. Vance currently serves as a NRA Counselor and Trainer. Michael Ryen spent eight years in the US Army Reserves and currently serves as a NRA Trainer and recruiter. They are the owners of The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center located at 22940 Harlan Lane, Saint Robert, Missouri., 573-451-2129

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