That Gut Feeling

By Vance Ewing


Men, does your wife roll her eyes when you insist on protectively sitting in a restaurant with line-of-sight to everyone who comes through the door? Does she accuse you of being too judgmental when you assess strangers?  As men, it is our way of being aware of our surroundings, knowing who is coming and going, and watching for potential danger to walk through that door.  For men, it’s all about being ready, just in case that “bad guy” comes into the room.  It’s that gut feeling, the same one that tells us when we’re hungry or when something is just not right. Ladies, you have the same super-power.  It’s called women’s intuition.  Being situationally aware is a natural survival instinct.  It keeps us alive by deciding if we are safe or in danger.  And, since your surroundings are constantly changing, evaluations must be continuous.

Society has started telling us that we should not profile and that it’s wrong to judge people.  And if we are assessing people because we’re racist, bigoted, or ignorant, then that’s true and we need a better education. But when your evaluations are based on situational awareness, you will notice things that seems out of place like a person wearing a lot of clothing on a hot summer day, someone appearing jittery, paranoid, or over-thinking.  You can train yourself to start cataloging people in your mind as safe, friendly, and kind, or untrustworthy and suspicious with angry eyes.  You are the safest person to trust when it comes to these situations.  So when you get that “hair standing up on the back of your neck” sensation, pay attention.   Trust your instincts.  Trust your gut!

Vance Ewing spent 22 years in the US Army and eight years as a NATO Counter-IED and Anti-Terrorism Instructor. Vance currently serves as a NRA Counselor and Trainer. Michael Ryen spent eight years in the US Army Reserves and currently serves as a NRA Trainer and recruiter. They are the owners of The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center located at 22940 Harlan Lane, Saint Robert, Missouri., 573-451-2129

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