The Anna Plasse Story Fantabulous Cakes for Charity

By Vicki A. Brady

Anna Plasse, age 17, is the founder of Fantabulous Cakes For Charity who has raised nearly $7,000 for charities by baking cakes, selling them to the highest bidder, and then donating the money to approved charities.


Anna Plasse is not your typical teenager.  Two years ago, while attending a youth conference, she was challenged by the concept of using her talents to honor God and make a difference in the world.  At 15 years of age, the only talent Anna felt she could use was her ability to make cakes.  After discussing the challenge with her parents, Bonnie and Norman Plasse, she decided to use her talent to make cakes and raise money to help charities  around the world.  Two years and nearly $7,000 later, Anna is changing the world, one “fantabulous” cake at a time!

Let the Bidding Begin

Anna is the creator of Fantabulous Cakes for Charity, with a very simple concept.  Every Thursday, she bakes a cake or cupcakes.  Once she is finished, she uploads the image, with a delicious description, to her Facebook page.  Almost at once, the world watches as the bidding begins.  The friendly competition gets intense until 8:00 p.m. when the bidding ends.  This is where the story is remarkable.  The winner does NOT pay Anna for the cake; instead, the winner selects a charity from a preselected list on her Facebook page and donates directly to that organization.  That evening, or the next day, the cake is delivered to the winning bidder.  Frequently, the winner will ask that the cake be donated and delivered to a local fire station or homeless shelter for an even greater reward.

Group Effort

Anna uses proceeds from wedding, graduation, and special occasion cakes to pay for all of the supplies that she uses to bake her Fantabulous Cakes for Charity.

Anna and her family absorb all the cost of the ingredients and supplies needed to bake the cakes so that 100% of the winning bid goes directly to the chosen charity.  “Sometimes friends or family members will order a specialty cake from me,” Anna said with a smile.  “I can use the profit from those cakes to help pay for my supplies.”  After two years, Anna is even more committed to Fantabulous Cakes for Charity.  Her cakes are made from scratch and they are as delicious as they are beautiful.  She is constantly researching recipes, fillings, and designs, creating the best cakes she can in order to raise as much money possible for her charities.


For a Worthy Cause


After careful research, Anna chose six charities to support through Fantabulous Cakes for Charities.  “I wanted charities that were trustworthy and really making a difference,” she explained.  Some of her cakes have benefited local organizations such as the Animal Shelter and Camp David of the Ozarks, but online bidders are able to choose from:

AUSA – (Association of United States Army) The Warrior in Need Fund

My Life Speaks – A Haiti Relief Organization

Books and More Library – Reading Resources in Amman, Jordan

To Write on Her Arms – Suicide Prevention for Teens.

Missionary Filmmaker with Campus Crusade for Christ Andrew Plasse – Filmmaker

A.L.I. (AidChild Leadership Institute) – Serving orphans living with AIDS/HIV  


Looking to the Future

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Anna’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes made with a chocolate cake base, swirled in a sweet cherry frosting, drizzled with milk chocolate, and topped with a shiny red cherry, were last week’s Fantabulous Cakes for Charity.

Fantabulous Cakes for Charity has changed Anna’s life as she’s witnessed the generosity of her community.  Sometimes people bid as much as $100 for one of her cakes.  “A few weeks ago, the closing bid was $60.00 but the winner donated $200.00 to the charity.”  She is also passionate about helping other kids realize that their age, size, or talents are not barriers to what they can do.  She believes that together we can bake the world a better place! 


To find out more about Fantabulous Cakes for Charity and participate in this amazing adventure, go to Facebook and request to join the page.  For more information , call 573-308-5020.

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