Firearms Converts

Not long ago, I had three ladies in one of my CCW (conceal carry weapon) classes and they introduced themselves as “anti-gun and anti-NRA.”  But, they were honest and said that they didn’t really know why.  I was thinking, “Great, this is going to be a fun class.”  But you know, at the end of the day, all three ladies shot a gun for the first time and decided that they could be responsible gun owners with the means to protect themselves if they were in trouble.  As a member of the training branch of the NRA, I have had many deep discussions with people who are dead set against guns but have never taken the time to learn about them before trying to convince me of their moral high ground.  To them, I was bad and part of an evil culture that teaches people how to kill.  What those ladies learned that day was that I was just as anti-violence as they were, that I hated the evil and lawlessness in our country just as much as they did.  What I taught them was how to defend themselves when a deadly encounter happens to them.  I changed their understanding of who is a first responder.  Think about this statement: “Only you can protect you the moment you need protection.”  In the moment of a violent encounter where you are the first responder, what is your response going to be?  If you have no training, no means of protection, no ability to run, your only response can be that of the helpless victim.  However, if you have some means of protection and train on a regular basis, your response could be that of protector for yourself, your family, or someone else that was in desperate need of protection.  Learning how to defend yourself and be responsible with firearms is a process and a journey.  Take one step at a time and you too could be a firearm convert.

Vance Ewing spent 22 years in the US Army and eight years as a NATO Counter-IED and Anti-Terrorism Instructor. Vance currently serves as a NRA Counselor and Trainer. Michael Ryen spent eight years in the US Army Reserves and currently serves as a NRA Trainer and recruiter. They are the owners of The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center located at 22940 Harlan Lane, Saint Robert, Missouri., 573-451-2129

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