Mental Springtime

By Roberta Sarver


If you are tired of winter, take heart:  spring will arrive in about three weeks.  Does that mean we can  break out the summer wardrobe and suntan lotion?  Well, perhaps not quite yet. However, it does help us hang on with a little more optimism, thinking about a reprieve from the cold.


Here is my bucket list for spring’s balmy days:


  • Clean out storage shed before the bees become active
  • Paint above-mentioned shed before poison ivy becomes active
  • Haul away clutter
  • Sell children’s old school books
  • Thin out summer wardrobe


And that’s only the beginning.  Last fall I suffered from a cleaning spree and unearthed 12 dozen canning jars to sell.  (This paraphernalia accompanies a large garden.)  A few weeks ago I dug up more jars.  Apparently I had forgotten how much canning I did when our children all were home.


Do you know what other things come to light when one’s children leave home?  An old high chair, buried under junk in the back corner of the garage; a rickety night stand that stood in our sons’ bedroom; baseballs and bats (“You can’t get rid of this one,” says our youngest son, “this was my first bat.”); a lifetime of old license plates; and the wood shop project our son forgot to finish.


Ah, memories.  Ice isn’t the only thing that thaws when the days grow longer.  Our memories occasionally need thawing also.  Sifting through those unused objects helps us bring to light forgotten times and thaw them as well.   Call it mental springtime, if you will.


This winter I was privileged to accompany my husband on a business trip to Florida.  (I know, it’s a tough job.  But somebody had to do it.)  The two weeks’ reprieve from a drafty house was heavenly.  And while it was somewhat of a working vacation, just knowing that sunshine was beckoning outside our door was part of our mental thawing from Missouri’s cold.


So, plan to welcome spring in just a short while.  Perhaps your frozen memories will come alive also.

Roberta Sarver is an author and songwriter who lives in central Missouri. Her humor columns appear in the Versailles Leader-Statesman and her original songs of worship have appeared on radio stations across the nation. She and her husband are the parents of seven children.

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