Bud the Elephant Passes Away

Jacob Brummet, former resident of Saint James, Missouri, was saddened to learn that Budweiser (Bud) the Elephant passed away last weekend from a sudden respiratory infection.  Bud was the beloved African elephant that lived and entertained thousands at Grant’s Farm in Saint Louis.  Jacob, an Elephant Handler, was one of Bud’s trainers for almost two years in 2009-2010.  “The world has lost one of the kindest souls we’ve every known,” Jacob expressed.  “I had the pleasure of working with Bud and will miss his goofy personality and sharing my animal crackers dipped in icing.  Bud had a bit of a sweet tooth!”  Bud had been performing at Grant’s Farm since 1986 and his passing took everyone by surprise.  Jacob Brummet studied Animal Science at the University of Missouri and still works with animals.  He is currently the owner of Creekside Pet Center in Columbia, Missouri.

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