The Truth About Prepping

By Aaron Jeffers


Psalm 118:8-9 “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.  It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in princes.”  ESV

Bugout bags and bunkers filled with beans, bullets, and Band-Aids.  You know, all the essential items a person might ever use if they had to bugout into the wilderness because of an economic collapse and/or all the crazies start raiding your house to kill you over a can of Spam.  I even saw that the Discovery Channel’s got heaps of documentaries ranging from doomsday shelters to hypothetical enactments of what to do in apocalyptic fallout.

The people who are preparing for impending cataclysmic disaster are called “preppers.”  Not a bad idea, especially with what’s going on.  A person might put back some nonperishables to last a few days, just in case.

But what is wrong is letting worry and fear become emotionally cancerous.  I started thinking to myself, “What if the dollar devalues into tissue paper, milk goes to hundred bucks a gallon, and my neighbors start posting sentries to take out anybody who might threaten their stored-up food supply?  What would I do?”

Here’s what I think would be the solution in a doomsday situation:

1)    Let God be your bunker, not some moldy root cellar.

2)    God’s economy is not affected by the world’s economy.  So God’s kids ought to get their hearts prepared to share by faith, not hoard, knowing God will supply our needs.  It’s a great opportunity to let the light of God shine in a dark world.

3)    Instead of expending a large portion of energy and finances in amassing a large arsenal, bone up on your spiritual arsenal found in the promises of God concerning protection and provision in God’s Word.

4)    Just remember, millions of people for thousands of years existed without an “economy.”  They lived off the land God provided, not the US dollar.

Aaron F. Jeffers, a freelance writer, pastor, chaplain, and speaker, currently works with hurting children in residential facilities. If you or your group or church would like to book Aaron for a conference or speaking engagement, contact him at

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