Girls and Guns

By Vance Ewing and Mike Ryen

On February 24th, CNN Senior Law Enforcement Analyst Tom Fuentes did a commentary on why a woman carrying a gun is not practical.  Watch the CNN video link at www.agirlandagun….  The video is sadly remarkable.  He asks, “For a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day?”  Then he states, “If you wear a dress, if you wear a skirt, are you going to wear a jacket every day with a belt and a holster the way a detective on duty would do?”  Then he rants on how the entire faculty at Sandy Hook was female, almost as if to say the outcome would have been different if a man had been present.  I’m deeply offended by his sexist views and I hope you are as well.

Ladies can carry concealed any way they want, just the same as a guy.  What is amazing to me was his careless attitude toward a woman’s ability to protect herself and those around her.  I admit that women choose their clothing styles with much greater care than most men, however that makes the ability to carry concealed that much easier for ladies.  Those options include the basic stuff like belt holsters and purses and then gets as diverse as the ladies themselves.  There is a company out there called “Dene Adams.”  Their product line is dedicated to different and attractive concealment options for women such as: corset style holsters, zipper tanks, thigh holsters, leggings, and several others.  There are several other companies like “UnderTech UnderCover” that have compression shirts, midriff tanks, shorts, and of course assorted leggings that have holster pouches.  Hey Tom, we are just getting started here.  “Can Can Concealment” and “Piece Keeping Wear” products go beyond just being functional and are stylish as well.

On April 28th, the Saint Robert Community Center and The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center is hosting a Women’s Concealed Carry Expo and fashion show.  We can answer Tom’s questions about how women can carry concealed.  I wonder if Tom Fuentes will be there to watch and get educated?


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