The Ink Pen

Submitted anonymously


I have a special pen that I use to write in my Bible when I’m studying.  It’s special because it has a fine point and the ink doesn’t smudge or smear.  I like to take notes when I’m reading passages and something really meaningful stands out.  One day, as I was studying and writing, the pen ink grew fainter and fainter.  I’d been using this pen for almost six months so I knew it was probably running out of ink.  Well, the store that carries this pen is a drive away so I just prayed.  I knew I could use a different pen, and it may seem like a silly thing, but I asked God to just stretch the ink until I could get to the store.  I got one more day out of it, and then another and another.  It’s been several weeks now and the pen is still going strong.


The pen got me to thinking about some other things that were bothering me.  I was losing hope that I’d ever get resolution.  But everyday that I’d pick up that pen, and the ink was still working, it was a reminder that God cares about every area of my life and that nothing is too silly or small for Him to handle; not even an ink pen.


“Faith is not faith until it is all you’re holding on to!”

True Stories of Faith are based on actual events that have happened to people all over the world.  Each story recalls a time or episode where faith in God was restored or encouraged through difficult time.  Sometimes the names are changed because the significance is not always about to whom the events happened.  The significance is about God’s faithfulness and love.  Readers are encouraged to submit their true stories of faith to be edited and published in The Kaleidoscope Weekly.   Send your submission to or write to us at Faith Stories; P.O. Box 562; St. James, MO 65559

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