Top Scams of All Time

John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  ESV

I read an article that featured the most famous scams.  Charles Ponzi became the father of the “Ponzi” scam, which gave birth to the pyramid scheme (because scams always birth schemes).  He promised high yields to prospective clients if they’d invest and then took all their money and ran.  He died broke and in prison.

Then there’s the Nigerian or Spanish prisoner scam where somebody supposedly has a rich relative in prison.  And if you invest your money in the legal fees to help get them out of jail, you get paid millions!

Or how about where a person either paints a rock to look like gold, or they sprinkle gold dust on the ground to make you think, “thar’ be gold in them thar’ hills!”  This one’s called “salting the mine.”  The “Snake Oil” scam works just like it and people are still falling for it in droves, spending millions on herbs and oils, investing in false hopes and inflated results.

Notice the trend of these scams?  They promise much by investing what we think is a little, and then getting a foothold on the whole enchilada of the individual’s life, using hope as the hook.

You’ve probably guessed who the first, worst, and meanest scam artist of all time is, Satan.  He always uses lies/schemes to get you to fall for his scam of sin.  Recognize in your life how Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy your very life by getting you to invest in sin.  He uses the false hope of immediate gratification and promises false dividends of pleasure, only to deliver insidious amounts of pain and anguish.  Just know that when Satan promises pleasure, he will steal your ability to feel.  When Satan promises satisfaction, he will leave you bitterly empty.

Aaron F. Jeffers, a freelance writer, pastor, chaplain, and speaker, currently works with hurting children in residential facilities. If you or your group or church would like to book Aaron for a conference or speaking engagement, contact him at

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