MO House Bill 1936

There is currently an effort in the Missouri House of Representatives to revise some of the Concealed Carry Laws for our state.  Specifically, they are in in response to the 17 “Gun Free Zones” which inherently create soft target locations for the bad guys intent on doing harm. House Bill 1936 intends to amend the language by eliminating several of these “Gun Free Zones.”  Can we can agree on this statement, “Law abiding citizens are going obey the law and criminals by their very nature will not obey the law?”   If so, the question then becomes “What is the purpose of a law?”  If the law is to protect the law abiding, then what is the best way to do that?

The answer is simple:  empower the law-abiding citizen with the legal means to effectively defend themselves.  Currently in Missouri, if a person has a legal right to be somewhere, then they also have the legal right to defend themselves while they are there, except in “Gun Free Zones.”  Some of our representatives are going to try and change that.  One change is found in Section 577.703(4), which removes the current provision of “possession and concealment of a dangerous or deadly weapon when boarding a bus.”  This provision of preventing people from carrying firearms on public transportation has made easy targets of every person who solely relies on public transportation.

People who choose to utilize public transportation should not have to give up their freedoms or protection at the same time.  Our own City of Saint Louis just became the murder capital of America, and the current law prevents those who are most at risk from being able to protect themselves.  Changing this law is long overdue and morally the right thing to do.  If you get a chance, write to or call 573-751-38833 and let him know how much you support House Bill 1936.  He believes in our right to protect ourselves and it is important that we let him know that we support his efforts.

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