Culture Shock!

Last month we took a road trip following Route 66 from Missouri to California.  When we crossed the border between Arizona and California, there was a subtle change in what was around us.  As we travelled, we saw billboards about gun ranges in New Mexico or gun stores in Arizona.  Across the states between here and California, we saw signs of the gun culture in America.  However, once we hit the border, they all disappeared; all of them.  During the five days we spent in and around the Los Angeles area, never once did we see any outdoor advertising of any sort for firearms.  And it wasn’t like we stayed at a hotel outside of Disneyland and never left.  We traveled to several different beaches and crisscrossed the entire Los Angeles area.  They all disappeared.

The thing that is the most interesting to me, is that it seems to have been slowly and subtly removed from their culture, their way of thinking, and it is just not part of who they are.  How many years did it take for them to get to this point?  I don’t know, but the point is that it is where they are.  In fact, I don’t recall any signs at local businesses stating that “Conceal and Carry” was not authorized.  They didn’t need the signs because the government has already disarmed the citizens.  Think about that, the government has already disarmed the citizens.  Wow!  More than this, is that when I talked with a few people about what their opinions on firearms were, their answers were almost scripted, uninformed political rhetoric.  “People should not have high capacity magazine automatic rifles,” or “people buying a gun need to get a back-ground check first.”  And my favorite, “A person should prove why they need a conceal and carry license before they can just get one.”

The notion of what and why the framers of the Constitution included the 2nd amendment has been totally lost.  They have chosen to give up the right and the means to protect themselves.  Man, I’m glad to be home!

People who choose to utilize public transportation should not have to give up their freedoms or protection at the same time.  Our own City of Saint Louis just became the murder capital of America, and the current law prevents those who are most at risk from being able to protect themselves.  Changing this law is long overdue and morally the right thing to do.  If you get a chance, write to or call 573-751-38833 and let him know how much you support House Bill 1936.  He believes in our right to protect ourselves and it is important that we let him know that we support his efforts.

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