The School Bill

Sam left the school business office discouraged, so he decided to take a walk and clear his head.  Today was the deadline for the next payment on his school bill.  If he didn’t come up with the money to pay this installment, he would have to drop out of Bible College.  It didn’t make sense to Sam.  He knew that God had called him into the ministry and led him to school, but where was the funding?  He worked as many odd jobs as he could but between a wife, a baby and being a full-time student, regular employment was out of the question.  Intermittent work brought in just enough to scrape by on but there was nothing left over for his school bill.


His financial dilemma had pricked a small leak in his faith reservoir.  With each step he took, the weight of his situation pressed on him until he stopped abruptly.  “This isn’t right,” he thought.  “God,” he began in his heart, “I’m in a bit of a pickle here.  But I guess you already know that.  I don’t know what you are doing or how this is all going to work out, but I’m telling you right now, I trust you.”   Immediately, Sam felt his faith balloon inflate and somehow he knew that things were going to be okay.


As he turned the corner and started to cross the school parking lot, he saw that one of the college busses was stopped with the hood open.  Curious, he headed for the small crowd of onlookers to see what the problem was.  Sam’s question, “What’s up?” was met with looks of desperation.  “We don’t know,” the driver explained, “All of the sudden the engine quit and we can’t get it started again.”  The driver went on to explain that the school had three buses and several vans but one by one they had all quit working.  Their mechanic had retired the previous year and they couldn’t find anyone to replace him.  With that, Sam offered to take a look and quickly diagnosed the problem.  Within minutes the bus was running and ready to go.  After a few questions, Sam was able to explain that prior to his call into the ministry, he used to build and race cars as a hobby.  About that time, Sam felt a hand on his shoulder.  As he turned around, he found himself looking into the eyes of the school business administer.  “Son,” he smiled, “I think we may have a solution to that school bill due today!”  For the remaining years at college, Sam did not have to worry about tuition and the school had perfectly running vehicles.


“Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re holding on to!”


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