Amaryllis in Bloom

Do you have an Amaryllis bulb ending its growth? It’s about time if you bought, or received one, for Christmas. Don’t throw it out, with a little care you can get these bulbs to easily re-bloom.

If the bulb has ended any green growth, let it rest for 2-3 months in a dark place without water.

Once you are ready to get it growing again, repot it in a pot about an inch wider than the bulb with new potting soil. Plant the bulb with only the root part in soil; the bulb should look like it’s sitting on top of the soil. Water until moist but not water-logged; a spray mist bottle comes in handy if you’re not sure how much water to add.

Place in a sunny window.

Within a few days, you should see green growth at the top of the bulb. If enough energy has been stored, the tips of green buds will appear.  If not, green leaves will start to grow. Let them grow. The leaves are solar collectors, the plant will use photosynthesis to turn the sun into energy stored in the bulb for blooming during the next cycle.

Once started, the plant stalk will grow a little every day, sometimes reaching 3-4 feet high. I stake mine once they reach 3 feet to ensure they don’t fall over.

Mix compost in the soil and keep soil moist.

Once the flowers are finished blooming, cut off the flower stalk and let the plant keep growing. Leaves will appear next. The leaves will re-energize the bulb so that after another rest period, enough energy is stored for the bulb to bloom again.

The green leaf growing stage can last several months so let them grow. When mine have leaves through summer, I put them outside in shade until the leaves die back, then let the bulbs rest.

“Apple Blossom” Amaryllis bulbs blooming in one of my inside pots late spring. (Photo by Charlotte Ekker Wiggins)

Charlotte Ekker Wiggins is a gardener, beekeeper and sometimes cook, for more visit Published by Kaleidoscope Weekly with permission. Copyright 2018, all rights reserved. This column may not be copied, published, reprinted, rewritten or redistributed. Contact Charlotte at

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