Far From Home

Submitted anonymously


My husband serves with the National Guard, and not long ago his unit was called up for a special deployment.  What few details we got didn’t sound good, so we planned for the worst.  Since he was going to be gone for our daughter’s birthday, he made arrangements to have flowers sent to her school.  He spent every spare minute with me and the kids, not knowing where he would be sent or how long it would be before we saw him again.  Our secret prayer was that he would not be gone for a long time and that he would be in a safe place.


The day came for him to leave, and he slipped out in the early dark hours of the morning.  We had prayed with him the night before so the children expected that when they got up he would be gone.  Even so, it was a sad morning without him.


Late that afternoon, he was finally able to call.  We talked about the children and went over details about when the trash had to go out and the kids’ school functions.  He seemed to be avoiding any details about where he was going and how long he would be gone.  Finally, after a long pause, I could almost see him smiling through the phone.  He was assigned to a duty station just 30 miles from our house.  He would be able to come home every night!  God answered our prayer.  The flowers still came to our daughter’s school on her birthday, and the smile on her face was as wide as the camera lens.


“Faith is not faith until it is all you’re holding on to!”

True Stories of Faith are based on actual events that have happened to people all over the world.  Each story recalls a time or episode where faith in God was restored or encouraged through difficult time.  Sometimes the names are changed because the significance is not always about to whom the events happened.  The significance is about God’s faithfulness and love.  Readers are encouraged to submit their true stories of faith to be edited and published in The Kaleidoscope Weekly.   Send your submission to content@k-weekly.com. or write to us at Faith Stories; P.O. Box 562; St. James, MO 65559

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