Jail Officer of the Year

On May 16, 2018, Phelps County Jail Administrator, Lieutenant Matt Shults presented Jail Officer, Corporal Marvin Jackson with the Jail Officer of the year award.


Corporal Jackson is a dedicated, well respected member of a top notch team of jail staff with the Phelps County Jail.  He takes wearing the uniform very seriously, and is proud to serve his community in the capacity of a jail officer.  In nearly every aspect of the facility, Corporal Jackson is involved in, his level-headedness and thoughtful approach is essential to the operation of the facility.


In 2004, Corporal Jackson was the director of a spiritually grounded ministry program addressing the over whelming addiction issues that nearly all inmates face.  He toiled countless hours, off-duty to work toward the addictions program being an option for our local drug court.  His dedication to helping the community, and giving addicts an opportunity to be accountable and better themselves was recognized by the local courts, and the program was used on several occasions as an avenue for those accepted into the drug court.


Once addictions program was off the ground, Corporal Jackson felt compelled to begin a ministry specifically directed toward jail staff.  Corporal Jackson quickly recognized that very few, if any ministry groups were dedicated in the area of making sure the officer were spiritually protected.  He and his wife, Jacqueline, again submerged themselves into countless hours of building a ministry program that would begin to touch the lives of the officers working “in the trenches” of jails and prisons across the United States.


In a short time, Corporal Jackson and his wife began traveling to facilities across the state, developing materials, and sending articles, manuals, and books to be published.  These materials were going as quickly as they could raise funds to publish them.  Since that time, Heirs of Restraint Ministry has spread world-wide and the bibles, pamphlets, and support materials are rapidly making their way around the world.


It is obvious that Corporal Marvin Jackson and his wife are threaded deeply into the jail and corrections environment.  They are committed to each and every officer they come into contact with, by phone, email, letter, or in person at one of their facility tours.


Corporal Marvin Jackson is the example that every uniformed officer, jail or otherwise, should esteem to follow.  His example is one that will leave a legacy for years to come.


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