Life’s Embarrassing Moments

Today was one of those days. While driving some sweet little moms to town to do shopping, I noticed a strange odor in the minivan. “Whew!” I thought. I’ve forgotten how smelly babies can get!  “I wish that mother would change her baby’s diaper. Can’t she smell that?”

An hour later, I discovered the smell was coming from my feet. I had stepped in dog manure and carried the remnants on the soles of my walking shoes. That was one of life’s embarrassing moments.

Family members have had their share of red-faced times.  One of our sons used to deliver farm-fresh eggs to grocery stores in the state.  At the entrance to one store at the lake, he tripped and dropped 45 dozen eggs, while a pretty check-out clerk was watching. His older brother quipped, “Wouldn’t it have been easier just to ask for the girl’s phone number?”

Our oldest son got his first car—a dilapidated one but nonetheless his—at age sixteen. Arriving at a campground full of young people, he saw his chance to impress the girls with his savvy driving skills, as he suavely backed over a tractor tire filled with flowers.

Our oldest daughter once tripped and fell over a tree root on a campground in front of a group of young people her age. Another of life’s embarrassing moments.

When my husband was a teenager, he was descending the bleachers after a school activity and a friend playfully pushed him. He landed on top of a guy who was walking with his girlfriend and trying to look “cool.”

Did you ever slip on the ice and immediately look around to see who was watching? Take it in stride, it’s another opportunity to put a dent in your pride.

A person in embarrassing situations like these has a couple choices as he/she recovers from the tense moment of humiliation.  You can grin and utter a witty statement or smile, wink, and say, “I meant to do that.” Try it next time.

Roberta Sarver is an author and songwriter who lives in central Missouri. Her humor columns appear in the Versailles Leader-Statesman and her original songs of worship have appeared on radio stations across the nation. She and her husband are the parents of seven children.

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