Your Season

By Aaron Jeffers

I was driving to work and my low-fuel light came on. Our family had been hit with a huge bill, and after we paid it, we only had one dollar left to spend. I cranked my head up and said “LORD, you said you’d never let me be put to shame, and that you’d take care of all my needs according to your riches and glory, not mine.” At the end of that day, a man shook my hand with a hundred-dollar bill, and said, “thanks for everything you did, really appreciate the good job.” I just stood in wonder and awe. I hadn’t been fishing for tips or acting needy, and nobody but God knew I needed cash right then or I wouldn’t have enough gas to get home. At that moment I decided to not let worry, fear, or anxiety steal one minute of my joy and peace ever again, because I have a Father God who knows my needs, even before I do. Jesus tells us that we’re too valuable to be anxious or worrisome, because God loves us so much. I was reading how the Columbine grows in Missouri and is a perfect hummingbird feeder when it blooms. Go figure, it blooms just at the same time the hummingbirds start migrating to Missouri. Wow! Jesus tells us that since God cares so much for a little tiny bird, how much more so does he care about you? Well, the answer is heaps; and more than you or I could ever know or imagine. God is love, and his love is your provision, and the good news, is that his love is always in season, waiting for you to be filled and fed by it.

“Faith is not faith until it is all you’re holding on to!”

True Stories of Faith are based on actual events that have happened to people all over the world.  Each story recalls a time or episode where faith in God was restored or encouraged through difficult time.  Sometimes the names are changed because the significance is not always about to whom the events happened.  The significance is about God’s faithfulness and love.  Readers are encouraged to submit their true stories of faith to be edited and published in The Kaleidoscope Weekly.   Send your submission to or write to us at Faith Stories; P.O. Box 562; St. James, MO 65559

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