NRA Is on Target

By Vance Ewing


LTC (Ret) Oliver North is now the President of the NRA.  I believe he will be a great spokesman for the NRA and for the troubles we are undergoing as a society.  You can’t fix the world with sound bites and laws; however, you can raise your children with respect for life, with love for your fellow man, and a profound sense of right and wrong.  The challenge we face as a society is that we are not dealing with the problems in behavior and just blaming the tools or even the lack of law enforcement to deal with the actual events.  We have got to start holding people accountable for their actions.  Oliver North stated, “I believe that we can make sure kids are protected without taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens.”  Which is a mirror of a statement I made a while back in that, “Laws that limit the law abiding citizens ability to protect themselves, just enable those who don’t obey laws in the first place.”  Oliver North is calling on all Americans to join as one voice not just in the protection of the second amendment, but in the protection of families and children.

The NRA has a program called “School Shield” that “accesses best practices for security infrastructure, technology, personnel, training and policies.”  The NRA is calling out to all Americans to educate themselves on solutions to stopping violence and at the same time preserve your right to protect yourself.  Go to and check out the list of specific items that can enhance school security.  Join the NRA so that your voice can be heard, the goal is one million new NRA Members.  Interested in joining the NRA?  The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center can help.  You can get discounted membership pricing for joining the NRA and get a free one-month membership with Bow and Barrel.  NRA training programs are part of the solution to the violence in our schools and society, so join the NRA, let your voice be heard and be an active part of the solution.

Vance Ewing spent 22 years in the US Army and eight years as a NATO Counter-IED and Anti-Terrorism Instructor. Vance currently serves as a NRA Counselor and Trainer. Michael Ryen spent eight years in the US Army Reserves and currently serves as a NRA Trainer and recruiter. They are the owners of The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center located at 22940 Harlan Lane, Saint Robert, Missouri., 573-451-2129

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