Collecting Dust

By Tom Gasko

Tacony Vacuum Museum Curator

As the Curator of Tacony’s Vacuum Museum, people always ask me what I use to clean my home with.  I have a small number of vacuums that are ‘in rotation’ – I have a “vacuum of the month”.  I love vintage vacuums, so almost all the vacuums I use at home are more than  30 years old.

About three years ago, Tacony Manufacturing came out with a brilliant attachment for people with Central Vacuum Systems, as well as vintage tank and canister cleaners – The Volt cordless power nozzle.  It’s one of the greatest development in vacuum attachments since Lewyt invented the power nozzle in 1957.

I love my central vacuum.  It’s my favorite.  So quiet and powerful.  I have a Vacuflo cyclonic central vacuum.  A commercial model to be exact.  With twin motors, and a cherry bomb car muffler, this is one awesome machine. It’s like owning a Spencer Turbine central vac but without the 4 phase power requirement.  My Vacuflo is connected to a sixty foot Hide A Hose.  I also have a Vroom under the kitchen sink, a Wally Flex at my workbench in the garage as well as the laundry room, a garage valve and garage cleaning kit, and a Vac Pan.

But it’s the Volt power nozzle from Tacony that really makes my central vac into my favorite to use.  With a sixty minute run time, the Cordless Volt Nozzle utilizes the overwhelming, constant suction of the twin motor Vacuflo in a way no other machine can.  I know –my- Volt has a Riccar hood, but it was a prototype and I was one of the first people to use one.  Mine has never failed me.  I did replace the wood brush roller with the steel agitator, since I have the hair from two Border Collies to deal with.

The cherry bomb car muffler was the brilliant idea of Evan Rogers, my friend and the installer of the Vacuflo. Evan owns The Vac Shack in Festus, Missouri.  Originally, the exhaust from my Vacuflo was very loud outside my house. Like a tornado siren.  Since the exhaust line is 3 inch rather than 2, Evan came up with quieting this commercial Central Vac down with a car muffler. It worked like a charm.  My roaring twin engines sound like a dryer exhaust when standing outside my home.

Most of the appliances in my home are vintage.  My 1984 KitchenAid Superba dishwasher is one example.  Owning the Volt power nozzle, I can use it with my 1937 Electrolux or my 1952 Rexair.  I think the Volt is one of the greatest inventions of the past 20 years, and has certainly allowed me to really get to use ALL my vintage tank and canister cleaners.

The Vacuum Cleaner Museum is located at #3 Industrial Drive in St. James, MO  It’s open 9 – 5, Monday through Saturday.  Admission is free.

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