Tacony Manufacturing – Preferred Family Healthcare

Tacony Manufacturing is a passionate sponsor offering assistance and learning experiences for those with disabilities entering the workforce.

The process typically begins with a referral from the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH)   PFH supports applicants in not only their search, but in maintaining meaningful employment.  A member of PFH team welcomes the opportunity to work with employers and applicants as they navigate what is the best situation for leading to a job and career.

PFH Employment Services offered Tacony Manufacturing the opportunity to join with people to develop much needed skills.  More importantly, this program provides extensive hands-on experience which prepares people to go directly to work.   As the job market changes, so does the training provided by PFH.  Training programs and developing new instruction based on feedback from employers in the community allows customization to fit both the requirements of employers and specialization for participants.  The full range of resources include a job-coach working alongside and supporting workers.

June 4th Tacony Manufacturing welcomed Alexis Tune, Colton Skyles and Trevor Kennedy, and their job-coach Sherry Shelton.   Alexis assists with janitorial duties, while Colton and Trevor are learning how to collect and bail cardboard for recycling.   Smiles on their faces and the eagerness to learn is inspirational.

For information about Preferred Family Healthcare contact Penny Lanham at 573-341-2606 or email at planham@pfh.org

Guests are encouraged to visit Tacony Vacuum Museum and Factory Outlet Store at #3 Industrial Drive in St. James.   Call 573-265-0680 for group tour information offered Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.    http://vacuummuseum.com/

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