Leave Them Be

I just read another Facebook story concerning hikers finding a fawn alone in the forest and after searching for its mother decided to take the fawn home.  I’d ask a ranger, but I’d say there is a 99% chance the fawn is not abandoned and you just separated the fawn from mama.  Because a fawn cannot keep up with the mother, they are most of the time hidden in tall grass, so the mother can go a short distance away and find food.  Trust me, mom is within shouting distance and has trained her young’un to stay put.  We need to take from this lesson, because when a doe says stay, the fawn listens.  The fawn’s spots are actually pretty good camouflage and it may not have a huge scent that attracts predators yet.  So the reason why can’t you see the mom is because she is very good at hiding.  Ask hunters how many times they miss the deer simply because they couldn’t see it.  Trust me, it really doesn’t take long, and the fawn will be strong enough to go romping around the forest with momma.


The one thing you must be aware of is that it is illegal to take a fawn out of the forest in the state of Missouri.  If you find one, enjoy watching it and then move on.  It’s a myth that the doe will abandon a baby deer if they smell a human on their young.  So, what do you do if there is a fawn in your yard?  Say to yourself, “That’s cute,” take its picture, post it on FB for the rest of us to enjoy, and then leave it alone.  Momma’s not that far off.  Here is my other warning, Momma may stomp you if you go messing with her kid.  If you have any doubt about a lost fawn, contact a ranger at MDC.MO.gov and let them handle it.  Get out and enjoy nature, just leave the forest cleaner then you found it and leave the wild animals in the wild.

Vance Ewing spent 22 years in the US Army and eight years as a NATO Counter-IED and Anti-Terrorism Instructor. Vance currently serves as a NRA Counselor and Trainer. Michael Ryen spent eight years in the US Army Reserves and currently serves as a NRA Trainer and recruiter. They are the owners of The Bow and Barrel Sportsmen Center located at 22940 Harlan Lane, Saint Robert, Missouri. www.bowandbarrelsports.com, 573-451-2129

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