Meet the Candidate: Jason Chipman

Jason Chipman has been serving the citizens of Missouri’s 120 District for four years and sees that position as a sacred trust. He is asking voters to place their confidence in him once again.

In 2014, life was very comfortable for Jason Chipman, his wife, Elane, and their soon-to-be four children.  After serving in the Navy for five years and being deployed to the Persian Gulf twice, Jason was back to his roots in Missouri.  He enjoyed his job at Brewer Science where he utilized his degree in organizational leadership.  But something was stirring in his heart.  As a conservative, he was becoming increasingly concerned about the direction laws and policies were taking his community.  After much research and many late night discussions with his wife, family, and friends, he decided to run for State Representative of  Missouri’s 120th District.


Meet the Candidate

Jason’s first stop was at the Missouri Ethics Commission, where he researched campaign rules and conduct.  From there, he went door-to-door, introducing himself to voters and communicating his priorities: family, liberty, and leadership.  Having grown up in Steelville, he understood the many issues facing his district and he believed that he had a plan that would make a difference.  He was honest with the people he met, not afraid to tell them that his goals, should he be elected, would be to reduce waste, preserve property rights, prevent and discard needless regulation, and ensure that families were able to make their own decisions on how best to take care of themselves.  The voters agreed with him and they gave him a chance to put his values to work.


Meet the Legislator

After being sworn in, Jason hit the floor running.  In just four years, he sponsored or co-sponsored key pieces of legislation with remarkable results.  Thanks to his efforts, students with food allergies or sensitivities, who have medical documentation, are no longer compelled to purchase meal plans at universities, and retired veterans are more easily able to have their status displayed on their driver’s license.  A comprehensive list of his bills are documented at

When Jason isn’t servicing the voters of Missouri’s 120th District, he is helping his wife educate their children, which included the wonder of a total solar eclipse in 2017.

Jason has more that he would like to accomplish on behalf of the voters.  He is especially concerned with opioid epidemic, the rights of parents to make medical decisions on behalf of their children, and protecting citizens’ rights to properly appeal before a jury when their hunting or fishing privileges are suspended.


When asked if he sees himself as a career politician, Jason responded with a smile, “I’m a conservative first and a Republican by default.  As long as Republicans continue to promote my conservative values, I will continue to be a Republican.  My role is to serve the citizens of my district for as long as they need me.”


Meet the Family Man

Jason and his wife, Elane, live in Steelville, in the same home that Jason’s grandfather built when he moved to the community in the early 1950’s.  They attend Greentree Christian Church in Rolla, Missouri and together they educate their children at home, emphasizing personal responsibility through an eclectic, classical program.  “I gave up my job at Brewer Science,” Jason explained, “and live solely on the salary set for a State Representative.  Since it is just under the median salary for this area, I know what it feels like to have a balanced budget.”


Jason Chipman, his wife, Elane, and their four children: Alexander, age 9, Konnor, age 8, Xavier, age 5, and Chloe, age 4, live in Steelville, Missouri, in the same house that Jason’s grandfather built in the 1970’s.

On Tuesday, November 6th, the people will be given the opportunity to vote for Jason Chipman for State Representative.


This Meet the Candidate feature has been paid for by the Committee to Elect Jason Chipman.

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