Communism and Korea

From the editor


On June 25, 1950, over 75,000 North Korean soldiers crossed the 38th parallel and invaded South Korea with the intention of unifying all Korea under communist rule.  Less than five years out from fighting WWII, Americans were not enthusiastic about fighting another war on foreign soil, but they were passionate about stopping the spread of communism.  Americans understood the threat that communism represented and they were willing to risk their lives to keep it contained.


Korean veterans do not regret the role they played, but what does concern them is the rise of communistic ideology here in America.  The very thing that they fought against, lost limbs, endured frostbite, and risked death over, is now being embraced and promoted by many American universities and youth.


After 73 years of communism in North Korea, only the ruling elite enjoy basic living standards that we take for granted such as: indoor plumbing, salt, oil, automobiles, or simple medical treatment.  Most Korean live in abject poverty with deplorable living conditions, no clean running water, or electricity.  To complain is to risk torture, life in a detention camp, or death.


Thank a Korean veteran for their service, but then go one step further.  Remind your sons, daughters, and grandchildren why they fought.  Educate them regarding the truth of communism and make sure our veterans didn’t sacrifice their lives in vain.



Major Thomas, age 84, served three tours in the Korean War from 1952-1956 as an Engineman Second Class in the Navy.  He was raised in Owensville, Missouri where he returned after his enlistment.  He and Marge are retired and enjoy working with stained glass, antique tractors, puzzles, and writing his memoirs.


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