Engine Oil From Heaven

Submitted by Randi Fetters

Our youngest daughter’s car served her faithfully through college and work, but the day came when it blew the head gasket.  A mechanic told Rachel that although she was able to limp around in it for now by a constant addition of coolant, the day would come when she would find herself stranded.

Our oldest daughter and son-in-law, Judy and Nathan, got a great deal on a used car that they purchased for Rachel.  We all decided to drive over 100 miles and surprise her with it.  With all our schedules, we rarely get to visit Rachel so she was in tears as she saw us all standing outside her door.  After hugs and greetings were complete, our oldest daughter and son-in-law presented her with the new car, which we promptly took to lunch to celebrate.

That evening, my husband and son-in-law drove the limping vehicle back home in case it broke down.  Judy, the grandsons, and I followed in Judy’s car.  We had to stop every ten minutes because the engine started to overheat.  At this rate, it would take us hours to get home, with the real possibility of breaking down on the interstate.

About 30 minutes into the return trip, the car overheated and the power steering failed.  We all pulled off at the next exit, a lone gas station in the middle of nowhere.  My son-in-law called a mechanic friend who was a couple of hours away and told him about our dilemma.   We were instructed to find a parts store that was open and buy something that acted like “liquid glass” that would seal the head gasket hopefully long enough to get home.  It was late on a Sunday night and most parts stores were closed.  The only parts store that was open at that hour was 20 miles away and closing in 20 minutes.  I wanted to panic but chose to pray instead.  As I prayed, I felt a peace I could not and cannot describe.  A short time later, with the hood raised and the guys watching the engine cool down, an older man in a car drove right in front of our vehicles and parked at the station building.  He was wearing dress pants and a nice shirt, nothing anyone would wear to work on a vehicle.  The man walked straight to my husband and Nathan, and they spoke for a few moments.  The man said he had what we need, then proceeded to retrieve something from his trunk.  We sat in the car, watching the men talk and walk back and forth in the cold.  The gentleman gave the guys a bottle of BlueDevil head gasket sealant.  Nathan came to our vehicle to inform us what the gentleman did.  We were all amazed that this stranger who suddenly appeared on this dark exit in the middle of nowhere had in his trunk exactly what we needed.  I was overwhelmed with gratefulness to God for answering my prayer and to the man for his help.  When I turned to thank the very nice man, he was nowhere in sight.  We all looked around to thank him, but he was gone.  The BlueDevil was applied and we drove the remaining hour and a half home without incident.  When we backed the old car into the parking spot at home, the engine gave up.

When we considered the “odds” of a stranger stopping at that gas station in the middle of nowhere at night, at an exit that had no houses or other open businesses around, and having the exact item that we needed, an item that few people carry in the trunk of their vehicle, we were humbled and blessed by God’s incredible answer to prayer.

“Faith is not faith until it is all you’re holding on to!”

True Stories of Faith are based on actual events that have happened to people all over the world. Each story recalls a time or episode where faith in God was restored or encouraged through difficult time. Sometimes the names are changed because the significance is not always about to whom the events happened. The significance is about God’s faithfulness and love. Readers are encouraged to submit their true stories of faith to be edited and published in The Kaleidoscope Weekly. Send your submission to content@k-weekly.com. or write to us at Faith Stories; P.O. Box 562; St. James, MO 65559

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