Wild Animal Adventure Park Opens to the Public


Wild Animal Adventure, a new interactive nature park, has opened its doors to the public.  After two-and-a-half years in the making, this animal park features areas with aquatic animals, a house of reptiles, and two and a half acres of mammals and other entertainment.  Many of the animals you can see include lions, a white tiger, sharks, stingrays, venomous snakes, crocodiles and gators, a bear, and more.


Guests can feed animals in the petting zoo, feed the stingrays, or enter the cage and play with dingoes or arctic foxes.  There are many entertainment and leisure areas including a playground, large format games, hammock stands, a stage, gazebos, and even “grass” beds. An interactive learning area is available for school groups to hold classes . Full guided tours are provided at no cost.


A large private area is available for large groups or corporations to hold events.  A stage with seating is also available.  Scout and school groups can schedule gatherings throughout the year.


Future plans for 2019 include an outdoor wedding area, a summer day camp for kids, a scout camp, and many new exhibits.


Prices are $10.95 per adult and $7.95 per child. Children under two are free.  The attraction is located on the North service road (next to Hwy 44, exit 230) in Stanton, MO.



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