Meet the Professionals: Judy Ragsdale

Judy Ragsdale and her husband Nathan with their three sons, Hayden, age 8, Trenton, age 7, and Westyn, age 6 are building more than a house together in Salem, Missouri, they are building a home and a future.

Judy (Fetters) Ragsdale has always been a team player!  Born and raised in St. James, Missouri, she excelled at sports, especially volleyball, and was very active in her church youth group.  After meeting, and marrying the love of her life, Nathan, she moved to Salem and had three boys: Hayden, Trenton, and Westyn.  As the boys headed off to school, she worked in the special education department as a parent aide for a special little boy until he moved out of state.  “It was my dream job,” Judy confessed.  When the program ended and her job was eliminated, she spent weeks praying about what she would do next.


One day, a friend approached her about working for Camron Erway at his State Farm insurance agency.  She was warned that the job was purely entry level, bottom-of-the-pole, “bush kicker,” but Judy applied anyway.  Three days later, Camron called her for an interview, and the next day she was hired.


That was three years ago.  Since then, Judy discovered that she loves the insurance industry.  She studied, got her license, and has been one of the team ever since.  “ I love my career and I take it very seriously,” Judy explained.  “After all, I am selling a promise to each and every one of my policyholders.”


When Judy isn’t helping customers with their insurance needs, she can be found helping her little men with school and 4-H projects, coaching the 6th Grade traveling volleyball team, antiquing, or supporting her husband in his role as president of the Oak Hill School Board.


And if that didn’t keep her busy enough, in November they broke ground and are building their own home.


Judy is truly a professional who has found a way to balance her family, faith, and work, benefiting a community today and for years to come.


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