Our History

The Kaleidoscope Weekly is a free weekly regional newspaper spanning across south-central Missouri, with a focus on news without the negative! It was designed to be upbeat, encouraging, and a spotlight for local culture, businesses, events and writers. Even the name Kaleidoscope was carefully chosen to reflect the goals for the paper. Most people associate a Kaleidoscope with a cylinder containing loose, brightly colored glass, and mirrors which creates a beautiful picture as it is turned. The effect is a constantly changing pattern of shaper and color, just like the pages each week in The Kaleidoscope Weekly.


The paper is family owned and operated by Brady Management Solutions with virtual offices in St. James, Maryville,  and St. Louis, Missouri.



The Kaleidoscope Weekly distributes 6,000 print copies to over 80 locations in the following communities and counties (see photo below):


Every issue that is printed is also uploaded digitally to our archives.  The newspaper’s feature stories, columnists, and press releases are uploaded to the website individually and automatically shared to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Press Releases

All press releases are uploaded digitally for free to our website and shared to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  All press releases are welcome and can be sent to pressrelease@k-weekly.com  however, we ask that you please review our writer guidelines before you submit.  Please click HERE for our writer guidelines.

Community Calendar

If you would like to have your event listed in our website’s community events calendar and our Facebook events calendar, please create a Facebook “event” and send us the link.  If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your support and interest in our newspaper!

May God bless you,

The Staff of The Kaleidoscope Weekly




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