Artisanal Bread Making Class

June 2, 2018 - 10:00 am


This class is a hands on class designed to teach the basic starting skills of Artisanal Bread Making.

In this class, we will learn about artisanal bread making. This is your more old fashioned rustic breads that you will more typically find in the European countries. The crust is typically more “crusty” with a softer or chewier, inside. These breads are typically more “rustic” looking, made by hand and free-formed and baked on a pan or stone vs a loaf pan. The breads we will be making will be formed into boules, batards, free-formed loaves, or ropes.

This is a participant limited class so that everyone gets plenty of instruction and time to make the breads they wish to create.

Each paying participant will go home with bread they made and should have gained additional skills and information to prepare more personalized bread creations for themselves and / or their family.

COST: $10 / person
DATE: June 2nd 2018
TIME: 10am till 3pm
WHERE: At our Store (607 Historic 66 West, Waynesville)
SIGN UP: You may sign up for this class by coming by the store or by clicking on this link for the online sign up form:

Children that attend must be over 12 yrs of age, a paid participant, and accompanied full time by a paying, participating parent.

Nursing mothers (and the attached infant) are always welcome. If a nursing mother offends you, we must ask you not to attend.

Bring a pen, paper, and an apron. We WILL get messy in this class! An open mind and a sense of humor is a must!

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